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How I’m fighting for school boards

For many years, the Left has worked to infiltrate schools and indoctrinate our children with critical race theory.

This should concern us. After all, critical race theory is an ideology that seeks to socially engineer our society based on race. The theory believes that all inequalities flow from race.

It’s time to reclaim lost ground in the culture war. We need to structure public school curricula against this theory. That starts by electing school board members nationally who reject these anti-American beliefs.

To do my part, I’ve created the 1776 Project PAC, the nation’s first super PAC entirely dedicated to electing school board members who oppose the teaching of critical race theory and the New York Times’s 1619 Project in our public schools.

The need for action is real. Over the past few decades, conservatives have tended to limit their education policy arguments to those involving school choice and expanding charter schools. Don’t get me wrong — those are worthwhile pursuits. Still, with most students attending public schools and following the curriculum that local school boards set, we must look beyond our comfort zone.

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