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The Media is Gaslighting America on Critical Race Theory

Critical race theory has become one of the most hotly discussed issues facing our country over the last few months. Since the death of George Floyd, the summer of race riots, and spike in anti-Asian hate crimes, critical race theory has found its way into nearly every institution in our country, including the government, the military, private sector businesses, and education. Yet the media insists it’s much ado about nothing.

The media’s taken an all-hands-on-deck approach, making every possible argument to defend critical race theory while wondering which will move the needle enough to defend it in the court of public opinion. They’re gaslighting the public into believing that critical race theory isn’t important enough to be concerned with, isn’t actually being applied in our institutions, isn’t understood by its critics, and will wipe out the teaching of Black history if it’s forced out of the education system.

Former President Barack Obama gave an interview to CNN’s Anderson Cooper and insisted that conservatives shouldn’t fight over it because there are more pressing issues than institutions promoting critical race theories’ anti-White and anti-Asian racism.

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